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Altoparlanti robusti per esterno bluetooth impermeabili IPX7

» notizia » Rugged outdoor bluetooth speakers waterproof IPX7

Altoparlanti robusti per esterno bluetooth impermeabili IPX7


Rugged outdoor Bluetooth speakers waterproof IPX7

model: GT-D201/GP100

Rugged outdoor Bluetooth speaker withstands drops/shock, polvere, and water when still delivering the good quality sound when connected with your mobile phones, tavoletta,iPad, MP3 or PC. That is why a waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker is welcome and popular.

portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker ipx 7 rugged

  1. Original design by GTEK LIMITATA.
  2. Hands-free call with microphone
  3. Modalità selfie / impermeabile / antipolvere / anti-shock
  4. match with bicycle brakcer.
  5. complete drowning into the water or swimming pool.
  6. private mold, OEM is welcome.
I colori per facoltativo

for more information about this rugged Bluetooth speaker for outdoors si prega di contattarci per e-mail.

Goog performance of waterproof GD-D201/GP100

As a waterproof Bluetooth speaker manufacturer in China, We focus on the ID design, toolings and cost down

e il momento migliore di piombo e di garanzia, customized packing. and welcome to evaluate our samples.

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