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Altavoces bluetooth exteriores resistentes al agua IPX7

» Noticias » Rugged outdoor bluetooth speakers waterproof IPX7

Altavoces bluetooth exteriores resistentes al agua IPX7


Rugged outdoor Bluetooth speakers waterproof IPX7

model: GT-D201/GP100

Rugged outdoor Bluetooth speaker withstands drops/shock, polvo, and water when still delivering the good quality sound when connected with your mobile phones, tableta,Protectores, MP3 or PC. That is why a waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker is welcome and popular.

portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker ipx 7 rugged

  1. Original design by GTEK LIMITED.
  2. Hands-free call with microphone
  3. Modo autofoto / impermeable / a prueba de polvo / antichoque
  4. match with bicycle brakcer.
  5. complete drowning into the water or swimming pool.
  6. private mold, OEM is welcome.
Colores para opcional

for more information about this rugged Bluetooth speaker for outdoors por favor llegar por e-mail.

Goog performance of waterproof GD-D201/GP100

As a waterproof Bluetooth speaker manufacturer in China, We focus on the ID design, toolings and cost down

y el tiempo de plomo y una mejor garantía, customized packing. and welcome to evaluate our samples.

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